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Author Spotlight: June Kramin

Today I'm hosting author June Kramin. Be sure to stop by and welcome her! :)

Thanks for having me, Alyson!

My latest release, Come and Talk to Me, was released May 29th with Writer’s Amuse Me Publishing. This is my first “cry-your-eyes-out” romance.

I have to give a tissue warning with this one. It was a favorite of my beta readers, but they also said they had the best cry of their lives. I have never been a fan of certain movies where someone finally find happiness and then dies. *cough*Nicolas Sparks*cough*, so I was really surprised when this book took that twist. (Yes, I am one of those writers that let my characters walk all over me. I only do as I’m told.)

People that know me will think they see me and my hubby in the characters and to extent, they are right. Regina grew up in Hawaii, she met a guy in the Coast Guard, they move to Florida before settling in Minnesota. I will be the 1st to admit I stole a lot of little life experiences in this one. Everyone says they have a book in them. With all the crazy things I’ve done, all the jobs I’ve had, and everywhere we’ve moved, I still have quite a few brewing. Someone will always see me in a character to some extent.

I’ve said on many occasions that all I read are friend’s books. I love thinking that as I read these books, my friends are doing that, too, and I get to know them a little more. I have discovered chess fanatics, fencers, amateur magicians, gemologists and so much more.  We’re writers – it’s what we do. Write what you know… and embellish the hell out of it.

Secondary characters are where I draw the line. I would never want anyone to think they see themselves in a character that is less desirable. Every quirky friend is not you. Family and in-laws that do not get along are definitely not my own. How much fun would books be without the conflicts? Without my bitchy MCs? Okay… those are me. ;)

Pull up a tissue box and get settled in. I hope you enjoy reading Come and Talk to Me as much as I enjoyed writing it and revisiting a few places of my past – just not my past story. 

Blurb:  Regina was determined to keep the secrets from her past buried. She had her reasons for keeping her distance from men, but Donovan refused to play by her rules.

Giving in to her heart and marrying him, Regina finally began to feel whole again. When an injury ultimately claims his life, she moves a few states away to a small town where she couldn’t be reminded of him everywhere she turned.

Trying to live her life in isolation, she wasn’t prepared for what the humble cabin next door would bring. Reggie is not sure she will be able to overcome the horrible twist fate has thrown her way.

Available through Writer’s Amuse Me in all e-formats and trade paperback.

Also at Barnes & Noble & Amazon


If a rugged FBI agent is more your thing, check out Hunter’s Find.

Blurb: Hunt is a small town Sheriff who finds himself in for more than he bargained for when he discovers Mandy beaten and unconscious. After repeated attempts of escaping him, he finds himself now her captive instead. Mandy convinces him she’s after her husband who has kidnapped their daughter and will stop at nothing to find her.

Although his instincts tell him differently, Hunt becomes involved with her and agrees to help. What he doesn’t know is there is no child. Mandy is hiding her involvement with the FBI and the mob, and after revenge. Hunt is in over his head tracking her husband to the isolated cabin and the backlash it causes a year later.

Its Sequel, Amanda’s Return, is due shortly with Musa Publishing.


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  1. Thanks, Alyson! I appreciate it!! Sharing :)

  2. Oh I can't stand it when characters die after I've fallen in love with them. I cried during Fried Green Tomatoes and when I saw Steel Magnolias. Oh the tear jerkers...I tend to avoid them these days, but there are exceptions. It was sure nice meeting you June and I'll be looking into your books.