Friday, May 13, 2011

One of my first writing loves was, and is, poetry. I love the way a few simple words can be transformed into emotions, or entire words. But I'm also weirdly secretive about the poems I've written. The ones I'm happiest with are the ones that are the most personal and the most difficult to share. It seems silly to me, though, that I have hundreds of poems just sitting in notebooks that no one has ever read. So I figured I might share a few of them on here from time to time, just to brush the dust off of them and get them out in the open. So here we go...

Sometimes I Dream of Georgia

Sometimes I dream of Georgia.
Never thought that I would be
so haunted
by the tangled moss
hanging from those live oak trees.
And I never thought I'd miss her
or the warm Savannah sun.
Or the scent of Juniper
that hung in the coastal coves.
I'll never whistle dixie
or call myself a bell
but I can't forget her song
though I've bid her farwell
somehow she stays inside.
That place has never left me,
Sweet Gerogia, she is mine.

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