Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I haven't posted a poem for awhile. I'm thinking about adding a poetry tab to this blog so all the poems can hang out together in one place. Anyways, this poem is titled 'Freedom.'

Let’s go to the edge of the world

Rest on the end of the universe

Where we can be together

This world can’t hold us

Once we break free



We shall be together.

We’ll sit on a star together

Watch the world crumble beneath our feet

And fall from the sky

To freedom


  1. I like the words here, but I think that the form in which you choose to present the words is rather plain. Like you could employ some creative tossing of letters or something, or arrange the sentences so that they form a star pattern.

  2. I kind of like the words standing on their own. I'm just not a fan of poetry where the focus is one the layout and not the content.