Thursday, March 8, 2012

Taking a Day (or Two) Off

Sometime life has a way of changing your plans. Saturday I had a moment of clumsiness. I basically slipped, fell down a four-foot drop and sprained my shoulder. (Did you know you can sprain your shoulder? I didn’t.) I’m actually lucky I didn’t break anything. The incident, however, put a major cramp in any and all plans I’d made.

I had to call off work Monday and find people to take care of all the little things I normally do. I couldn’t type, write or do much of anything. I was also drugged up on pain killers and unable to even think about books or ideas or any of that important stuff.

But despite all the hassle and pain, it was kind of amazing. I literally sat around for two whole days and did absolutely nothing. It was the closest thing I’ve had to a vacation in a very long time. If anything, it’s been a learning experience. I tend to stretch myself too thin, and I think most people do this as well.

Sometimes, we need to just kick back and relax. So if you haven’t taken a day off in awhile, do it. You deserve it. Plus, if you don’t, life might just do it for you.

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