Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here's my query

So I've been working on my query on and off for months now. It's nowhere near perfect but it's slowly getting better. Closer. My goal is to be ready to query by June. We will see if I actually get there, but I thought I'd share my query. This is by no means the final version but it will at least give people an idea of what my books about (I hope.) Of course I still have to get through a (hopefully) final beta reader and another set of revisions. Feel free to comment, critique, or rip it to shreds if you wish. Don't worry, I can take it ;)

Dear agent-like person,

Olivia Townsend can't deny she's a killer. After all, she has a taste for humans. But an appetite her size can’t be satisfied by the tiny town of Peninsula. Not without getting caught. She hunts her prey far from home, where guilt is easier to run from and hunger is less of a problem. Besides, she loves Peninsula too much to risk losing it. Despite her best efforts to stay hidden, she’s still the center of the town’s gossip. It’s just too fun to talk about the town’s beautiful recluse. Olivia ignores most of the chatter, but when a local woman is killed, Olivia knows the smart thing to do is to get out of town for awhile. Suspicious neighbors can only mean trouble a vampire.

But Leaving becomes nothing short of impossible when William arrives. Olivia hopes she’s found another immortal. The last time she saw him was over a hundred years ago. She’s sure. And he may have a girlfriend but that doesn’t stop him from sneaking off to see Olivia every chance he gets. Plus he’s just so irresistible. And everything she wants. But he's no monster-he's a hunter with a nasty grudge against vampires. Even as she discovers his dislike of all things evil, Olivia's passion still overpowers her practical plan. And William's kindness, and interest in Olivia, only makes leaving harder. With the entire town watching and the guy of her dreams close to discovering the darkness inside her, Olivia must choose between life on the run or living in hiding with the man she loves.

Nightfire is a YA paranormal romance, complete at 56,000 words. The full manuscript is available upon request. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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